Political Correctness

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Political correctness is a term which denotes language, ideas, policies, and behaviour seen as seeking to minimize social and institutional offense in occupational, gender, racial, cultural, sexual orientation, certain other religions, beliefs or ideologies, disability, and age-related contexts.

Early Usage

 J. Wilson
Early usages of the phrase "politically correct" have been found in various contexts, which may not relate to the current terminology.
Examples of the term can be found as early as the 18th century.
The previous meaning was 'in line with prevailing political thought or policy'.
The term previously used 'correctness' in its literal sense and without any particular reference to language that might be considered offensive or discriminatory.
For example, J. Wilson's comments in U.S. Republic, 1793:
'The states, rather than the people, for whose sake the states exist, are frequently the objects which attract and arrest our principal attention... Sentiments and expressions of this inaccurate kind prevail in our common, even in our convivial, language... ‘The United States,’ instead of the ‘People of the United States,’ is the toast given. This is not politically correct.'

Toni Cade Bambara
Rhetoric of the '
New Left'

By 1970, New Left proponents had adopted the term political correctness.
In the essay 'The Black Woman', Toni Cade Bambara says: ". . . a man cannot be politically correct and a male chauvinist too."

Current usage

Widespread use of the term politically correct and its derivatives began when it was adopted as a pejorative term by the political right in the 1990.
Writing in the New York Times in 1990, Richard Bernstein noted "The term 'politically correct,' with its suggestion of 'Stalinist orthodoxy', is spoken more with irony and disapproval than with reverence.
Within a few years, this previously obscure term featured regularly in the lexicon of the conservative social and political challenges against curriculum expansion and progressive teaching methods in schools and universities.
U.S. President George H. W. Bush
In 1991, in America, addressing a graduating class of the University of Michigan, U.S. President George H. W. Bush spoke against "a movement that would declare certain topics 'off-limits,' certain expressions 'off-limits', even certain gestures 'off-limits'" in allusion to liberal Political Correctness.
The most common usage here is as a pejorative term to refer to excessive deference to particular sensibilities at the expense of other considerations.
The central uses of the term relate to particular issues of race, gender, disability, ethnicity, sexual orientation, culture and world-views  and encompass both the language in which issues are discussed and the viewpoints that are expressed.
Proponents of the view that differences in IQ test scores between blacks and whites are (primarily or largely) genetically determined state that criticism of these views is based on political correctness.
Examples of language commonly referred to as "politically correct" include:
"Intellectually disabled" in place of "Retarded" and other terms
"African American" in place of "Black," "Negro" and other terms
"Native American" (United States)/"First Nations" (Canada) in place of "Indian"
"Gender-neutral" terms such as "fire-fighter" in place of "fireman," police officer in place of policeman.

 'The Abolition of Britain' - Peter Hitchens 
Peter Hitchens
Terms relating to lack of various common human abilities, such as "visually impaired" or "hearing impaired" in place of "blind" or "deaf"
"Holiday", "winter" or "festive" in place of "Christmas"
In a more general sense, any policy regarded by the speaker as representing an imposed orthodoxy may be criticized as "politically correct."
In 'The Abolition of Britain', Peter Hitchens says: “the casual phrase . . . ‘political correctness’ is the most intolerant system of thought to dominate the British Isles since the Reformation”.


A common criticism is that terms chosen by an identity group, as acceptable descriptors of themselves, then pass into common usage, including usage by the racists and sexists whose racism and sexism, et cetera, the new terms mean to supersede.
Alternately put, the new terms gradually acquire the same disparaging connotations of the old terms.
The new terms are thus devalued, and another set of words must be coined, giving rise to lengthy progressions such as Negro, Colored, Black, Afro-American, African-American, and so on, (cf. Euphemism treadmill).

Euphemism Treadmill

Euphemisms often evolve over time into taboo words themselves, through a process dubbed the "euphemism treadmill".
This is the well-known linguistic process known as 'pejoration' or semantic change.
Words originally intended as euphemisms may lose their euphemistic value, acquiring the negative connotations of their referents.

George Orwell
In some cases, they may be used mockingly and become dysphemisms.
Euphemisms related to disabilities have been prone to this (see below).
In his remarks on the ever-changing London slang, made in 'Down and Out in Paris and London', George Orwell mentioned both the euphemism treadmill and the dysphemism treadmill.
He did not use these now-established terms, but observed and commented on the respective processes as early as in 1933.
'Toilet' is itself an 18th century euphemism, replacing the older euphemism 'House-of-Office', which in turn replaced the even older euphemisms 'privy-house' or 'bog-house'.
In the 20th century, where the words 'lavatory' or 'toilet' were deemed inappropriate, they were sometimes replaced with 'bathroom' or 'water closet', which in turn became simply 'restroom' or 'W.C.'

Disability and Handicap

Connotations easily change over time.
'Idiot', 'imbecile', and 'moron' were once neutral terms for a developmentally delayed adult with the mental age comparable to a toddler, preschooler, and primary school child, respectively.
In time negative connotations tend to crowd out neutral ones, so the phrase 'mentally retarded' was pressed into service to replace them.
'Mentally retarded', too, has come to be considered inappropriate by some, because the word 'retarded' came to be commonly used as an insult of a person, thing, or idea.
As a result, new terms like 'mentally challenged', with an 'intellectual disability', 'learning difficultie's and 'special needs' have sometimes replaced the term 'retarded'.
A similar progression occurred with the following terms for persons with physical handicaps being adopted by some people:
lame / crippled → spastic → handicapped → disabled → physically challenged → differently abled →
People with Disabilities
Euphemisms can also serve to recirculate words that have passed out of use because of negative connotation.
The word 'lame' from above, having faded from the vernacular, was revitalized as a slang word generally meaning "not living up to expectations" or "boring."
The connotation of a euphemism can also be subject-specific.
Bill Veeck
In the early 1960s, Major League Baseball franchise owner and promoter Bill Veeck, who was missing part of a leg, argued against the then-favored euphemism 'handicapped', saying he preferred 'crippled' because it was merely descriptive and did not carry connotations of limiting one's capability the way 'handicapped' (and all of its subsequent euphemisms) seemed to do.
It has also been contended that, as the name of a condition became more complicated and seemingly arcane, sufferers of this condition have been taken less seriously as people with a serious illness, and were given poorer treatment as a result.
It has also been contended that Vietnam veterans would have received the proper care and attention they needed were the condition still called 'shell shock'.
It has also been pointed out that 'crippled' was a perfectly valid term (and noted that early English translations of the Bible seemed to have no qualms about saying that Jesus "healed the cripples").
Similarly, 'spastic' is a formal medical term to describe muscular hypertonicity due to upper motor neuron dysfunction; however, vernacular use of 'spastic' (and variants such as 'spaz' and 'spacker') as an insult in Britain and Australia led to the term being regarded by some as offensive.
Tiger Woods
While the term was developing into an insult in British English, it was evolving in a radically different fashion in American English.
In the U.S., 'spastic' or 'spaz' became a synonym for clumsiness, whether physical or mental, and 'nerdiness', and is very often used in a self-deprecating manner.
The difference between the British and American connotations of 'spastic' was starkly shown in 2006 when golfer Tiger Woods used 'spaz' to describe his putting in that year's Masters.
The remark went completely unnoticed in America, but caused a major uproar in the UK.

Racism and Sexism

Racism and sexism are also common sources of profanity, and one of the few categories producing new profanities.
Guy Gibson's Dog Nigger - 1950s Film
One example is 'bitch', a slur often used for women, while 'nigger', a slur for black people, was not considered a profanity at all as recently as the 1950s.

Such profanities are often re-appropriated by the group targeted and marginalized, and used as a way of reversing the negative stigma associated with the word.
For example, some African-Americans will often call each other 'nigga'.

A case in point is the dog belonging to Guy Gibson, the leader of the bombing raid on the Ruhr Dams during the Second World War.
The dog was a dark chocolate Labrador called Nigger.
As Stephen Fry - (who was involved in changing the dog's name from 'Nigger' to 'Digger' in the remake of the 'Dambusters') wrote,
'You can go to RAF Scampton and see the dog's grave, and there he is with his name, and it's an important part of the famous 1950s film of the raid.
The real Guy Gibson and the real Nigger
The name of the dog was a code word to show that the dam had been successfully breached.
In the film, you're constantly hearing 'Nigger, Niger, Niger, hurray' and Barnes Wallis is punching the air. But obviously that's not going to happen now.'
However, when Fry wrote this short account he pathetically substituted the 'N-word' for Nigger.
Apparently Fry has no problems with publicly saying or writing 'Fuck' (without abreviating it to the 'F-word'), but like a good, flabby, middle-class nerd, cannot bring himself to write or say 'Nigger'.
Fry would obviously appear to condemn the politics of INGSOC, and yet he is quite happy to destroy history, just like Winston Smith.

'Ten Little Niggers'
Nigger is a noun in the English language.
The word originated as a neutral term referring to black people, as a variation of the Spanish/Portuguese noun negro, a descendant of the Latin adjective niger ("color black").
As recently as the 1950s, it was acceptable British usage to say 'niggers' when referring to black people, - notable mainstream usages include 'Nigger Boy' brand candy cigarettes, and the colour 'nigger brown' or simply 'nigger' (dark brown).

Further the term 'Oriental' is now considered offensive but, unlike every single other word here, no euphemism has been found to replace it.
As such the term 'Asian' is often used in place of 'Oriental', however this could also apply to people from India and Iran.


INGSOC - 'Doublethink' 
Doublespeak is language that deliberately disguises, distorts, or reverses the meaning of words and is an essential part of political correctness.
Doublespeak may take the form of euphemisms (e.g., "downsizing" for layoffs, "servicing the target" for bombing, making the truth less unpleasant, without denying its nature.

George Orwell's - 'Nineteen Eighty-Four'
It may also be deployed as intentional ambiguity, or reversal of meaning (for example, naming a state of war "peace").
In such cases, doublespeak disguises the nature of the truth, producing a communication bypass.
There is no explicit mention on where doublespeak's primary concepts came from, however, doublespeak might possibly have certain concepts taken from George Orwell's book, 'Nineteen Eighty-Four'.
Although there is no mention of 'Doublespeak' in 'Nineteen Eighty-Four', it has been argued that the term is a combination of two concepts - 'Doublethink' and 'Newspeak' which are original to his work.
Comparisons have been made between 'Doublespeak' and Orwell's descriptions on political speech from his essays Politics and the English Language in which "unscrupulous politicians, advertisers, religionists, and other double-speakers of whatever stripe continue to abuse language for manipulative purposes".

Tom Daley - 'Splash !'

It’s loud. We’re live. We’re ready to dive’.

Tom knows it's 'going down the tubes'
That was the opening salvo from Gabby Logan (cocktail dress) and Vernon Kaye ('long' shorts) to ITV’s new Saturday night stab at riding the wave of the Olympic feel good factor – Splash!

In the run up to last year’s Olympics, Tom Daley was the toast of the nation.
The cute, media-friendly diver was going to be our big medal hope: young, tanned and toned, he was bound to win gold.
Except that actually he’s not all that great a diver.
Now he is one of the best in the world, but he’s not the best.
Which is a shame, because his attempts for the gold medal got hyped out of all proportion.

Tom Daley
Addidas Advertising
Jamie Cunningham
Poor coaching by Andy Banks, and Tom's management (particularly the money grabbing, Dubai based, Jamie Cunningham) who insisted on him making endless advertising commercials (Addidas) and photo-shoots, as well as Tom's book launch, meant that he only achieved a bronze medal.

But back to 'Splash !' - The crowd was insipid for everything other than the first three minutes of the show when Tom Daley appeared in his Addidas trunks (at which point they screamed so much that you couldn't hear the actual presenters trying to read their auto-cue).
The TV audience, however, seemed unimpressed.
Twitter was aghast, with people literally not being sure whether they were part of a massive inside joke or not.
'Air-head' ? - Tom Daley Reading the Reviews
Does he ever get dressed ?
Without overstatement, it was the worst thing on television, and the crassest and most feeble attempt to capitalise on the jingoistic spirit of the Olympics.
And Tom Daley was apparently oblivious to the terribleness of it all.
Which leaves us with a question..... Is Tom Daley an 'air-head' ?
Now he has A levels, so presumably he can't be that stupid, but whenever he gives an interview his comments and answers are so vacuous that one if forced to wonder if he has any opinions about anything (apart from 'mentally ill' individuals who dare to criticise him).
And then, of course, there is his mindless biography ('My Story')!

'Splash !' sees Olympic diver Tom Daley 'train' 15 'celebrities' to dive in front of judges - but viewers said it has plunged television to “a new low”.
No bombing allowed... but that is exactly what is happening to Tom Daley’s television show.
What this is, in fact, is an attempt to exploit the public’s love affair with the shiny-toothed young twinky hero in tiny Speedos, Tom Daley, who is both 'coach' and cheer leader for the series.
It’s one of those simple formulas really... People love Tom (well, teenage girls and gay guys), and Tom dives.
Plus people love celebrities, especially when they’re being put through the wringer.
Which equals, famous people ‘going on a journey’ (of between three and 10 metres) while Tom smiles a lot and says 'well done'.

Andy Banks
Jo Brand - Diving Expert ?
Oh, and two of  the judges are nasty.
Playing the baddies are Tom’s trainer Andy Banks (why no gold for Tom ?) and fellow diver Leon Taylor.

(Now if I was Andy Banks, I would keep a very low profile, and not appear on TV, considering the appalling showing made by British Diving in the recent Olympics)

And to balance out their no doubt impending maliciousness and vitriol, Jo Brand was on hand to offer her own expertise (?).
In saying that, to be fair, they weren't actually that harsh.
But secondly, because as they continually pointed out, as one celebrity after another toppled into the drink, it really is a very difficult thing to do.
It is also, sadly, dull. It just that it totally lacks any drama.

Leon Taylor and baby Tom
Leon Taylor
Now it is a fact that diving is not an exciting sport - even when people of Olympic standard dive.
A lot of waiting around, climbing steps, and then (and don't blink, or you'll miss it) a couple of seconds for the dive.
So, not surprisingly, nobody was really interested in diving until cute, little 'twinky' Tom, in his minuscule Speedos, started diving.
Now to make 'Splash !' more 'interesting' the journey that each 'celebrity' makes from poolside to board is presented as a protracted parade of loud music, posing and high fives.
They’re padding it out.
In reality it is a diving competition featuring individuals who can't dive - which is a bit like having swimming races for people who can't swim.
Attempts to heighten the tension involved showing us some training injuries.
As sad music played, we witnessed in pre-recorded films presenter Jenni Falconer in tears with a nasty shoulder and Benidorm’s Jake Caruso outside A&E with a plaster on his nose, having banged his hooter on the bottom of the pool.

Jade Ewen
Jake Caruso
Doing his best worried face, Jake told us 'I don’t know if I’m going to do it'.
However, seeing as he was already sitting by the pool in a dressing gown (that hid a pair of red trunks nearly as small as Tom Daley's GB trunks !) as we watched the film, the odds were everything was going to be all right.
Elsewhere, Sugarbabe Jade Ewen managed to avoid being splashed all over the morning showbiz columns by dragging her skimpy, golden bikini top back into position just before she emerged from the pool after her dive.

Helen Lederer
Comedy actress Helen Lederer (hasn't she got fat !) braved it out, but was clearly having the worst time of her life - like most of the TV audience.
Not to mention having to suffer the ignominy of being captured on film during practice being slid into the water on a mat by Tom - rather like a Mafia hit man getting rid of a body in a river.
It was only comedian Omid Djalili who briefly gave the whole thing a bit of a fillip.

Omid Djalili
Dressed like a Victorian strong man, his sheer exuberance coupled with his gutsy approach to the task in hand managed to brighten things up.
However, even a man of Omid’s generous proportions could make barely a ripple on the surface of this damp squib of a show.
Another point that none of the ITV producers seem to have considered is the fact that a swimming pool is a very dull place - (the author of this blog knows, as he spends a couple of hours in a [very upmarket] pool, training, every day).
Even tarted up, for the competition, a pool is not a romantic or tantalising place, and as has been suggested before, diving is not the most compelling of sports.
In addition, swimming pools have a habit of bringing back childhood memories of unpleasant school swimming lessons, or junior swimming club sessions.
Unlike Tom, many people have an aversion to swimming pools, unless it's part of a five star hotel - preferably somewhere very hot.
A show which is supposed to be a 'diving contest', that consists of people who, either can't swim, are frightened of water, or are frightened of heights, are too fat or too old, and who (and this is important) can't dive, is unlikely to be worth watching.

Of course, like so many TV programs, 'Splash !' required sponsorship - in this case Domino’s Pizza 
The fully integrated sponsorship package was negotiated by ITV Commercial and Arena Media on behalf of Domino’s Pizza.

Tom Daley and Domino’s Pizza
Tom Daley and  Nestle
The package has included broadcast, on-line and mobile, and commences 5 January 2013.
An ITV Commercial spokesperson said: "We are very excited for our new entertainment show Splash! to hit screens and entertain families all over Britain. (entertain ?)

Tom Daley - Posing
Tom Daley - 'Six-pack'
We are delighted to welcome Domino’s Pizza on board as the sponsor of the programme, as we believe it will be an ideal platform for the brand to engage with their target audience.
Simon Wallis, sales and marketing director at Domino’s also added: “Our decision to sponsor this brand new show fits perfectly in line with our target audience, promoting Domino’s at the ideal time and in the right place.
The 'target audience' is obviously big fat slobs, glued to their L Z Boys (that's a chair for those not in the know) in front to the TV.
So once again Tom gets associated to purveyors of fattening, unhealthy food - Tom Daley is already associated with Nestle.
So much for the Olympic legacy !
And in case anyone's missed the point - you don't get a 'six-pack' (abdominals) like Tom Daley by eating Pizzas and chocolates.


China takes silver - at the Olympics


Tom Daley takes bronze - at the Olympics - Celebrating defeat ?

After the programme Tom said that he may be going to drop a university career for the bright lights of Luton swimming pool’s studios.
Ignoring the massively negative public reaction, and living in cloud-cuckoo-land, Daley said :
'Hopefully it will run for ten years like 'Dancing on Ice' and I can take Vernon’s spot. (I wonder how Vernon feels about that).
But I’d love to do anything like Dermot O’Leary or Ant & Dec, (as far as Ant and Dec are concerned this would involved Tom being cloned - and do we really want two Tom Daleys).
I’d like to present Saturday night TV, that is what I’d ultimately like to do once I’ve finished diving.
I’d like to host 'Splash !'.
That would be my dream job because it is a diving show, a reality show and on Saturday night prime-time'.

Unfortunately for Tom, however, he will have to do much better.
A poor effort at the Olympics (only third), has now been followed by a poor effort on TV.
The only thing that Tom really seems to work at, and succeed at,  is presenting himself as a 'soft porn' twink.
Even his advertising forays have proved less than successful, with his Addidas range now available in 'budget stores' at half the original price, and his biography selling at an equally low price.

Waterstone Book Launch
'Jonathan Ross Show'
On the 'Jonathan Ross Show' Tom made a huge faux-pas when he appeared in a collar and tie and tiny Speedos.
Supposedly intended as a 'joke', I think if most guys appeared in public dressed so totally inappropriately, (not in a swimming pool, at the beach, or at a body-building competition), they would be summarily ejected, or a police constable would be called.
And this is not the first time that Tom has pranced around in just his minuscule Speedos for no good reason.
He performed the same trick at his 'book launch', and for a number of previous TV interviews.
However, it seems likely that someone has had a quiet word in Tom's ear.
Tom in shorts
For 'Splash !', when Tom was wearing trunks, he wore his blue Addidas trunks, which actually seem to be the correct size - and not his Addidas Team GB trunks, (a couple of sizes too small) which barely cover him, or his equally revealing blue Speedos.
What was really strange, though, was Tom, 'preppy' style, appearing in 'long'  grey shorts and a white and green training top, at a swimming pool, when he would actually be justified in wearing trunks.

Tom practices for his male strip show
This was doubtless a huge disappointment to his teen female fans, and his gay male fans, but then possibly someone has decided that Tom is not going to be taken seriously if he continues to present himself and be seen as a 'soft porn' exhibitionist.
Perhaps if 'Splash !' folds, as it probably will, Tom might take up a career as a male stripper, after all he already seems to be practising - (see the pathetic video clip - left)
And as an aside, what has Tom done to his hair ?
He's beginning to look like an un-dyed Jedward !



Tom Daley 'checks out' Anthony Ogogo
Anthony Ogogo - Gold Speedos
'Numerous variations of this screen-grab from 'Splash !' were pinged around the virtual world.
It's our Tom with Olympic boxer Anthony Ogogo.
"Are you thinking what we are thinking?" 
While some might think it amusing - it's also rather sad.
Tom sexuality is up for debate - and we  know nothing for sure, except he's clearly 'screaming'.
I wonder if he even knows himself?
And perhaps one should worry about Tom, now he's become a Saturday 'teatime' TV 'superstar' and is regularly 'exposing himself' - meaning just by being himself - he'll just be the subject of ever more scrutiny and speculation - check Twitter for endless comments just on how he walks and talks.
Such is the power of social media this chatter will inevitably transfer into the papers.
This is the modern world; a virtual world where being 'in the closet' is now virtually impossible. 
And PR feeds and 'paparazzi shots' to the press about his possible "girlfriends" will ultimately only make it worse. 
It's already seeping in, slow as sludge - for now.
And who do you think writes the 'celeb mags' and tabloid gossip pages? 
It's gay guys, who think that being 'gay' is almost boringly normal - and that now it's being 'in the closet' that's a little 'queer' - or should we say odd.  
And meanwhile the poor boy could be dying inside, silently 'screaming'.'


Diver Tom Daley's 'Stolen our Pool' 

PARENTS are furious with a council for leasing a swimming pool for five weekends to the latest TV reality contest 'Splash !'
They say their children will lose confidence while the pool is closed for instructors to train celebrities to dive under the watchful eye of Olympic sensation Tom Daley.
In addition, angry members of the £26 million Inspire Luton Centre, who pay £36 a month to enjoy the Olympic-sized 50 metre pool with 10 metre diving boards, have complained on Facebook.


David Sparkes 
ITV's woeful new peaktime Saturday night reality show Splash! has re-ignited anxieties in British Swimming about Tom Daley's commercial commitments away from diving.
Olympic bronze medallist Daley was heavily criticised before London 2012 for not concentrating enough on his sport.
Now British Swimming chief executive David Sparkes has raised concerns over 18-year-old Daley's role as a mentor for the celebrity divers in Splash!

Sparkes said: 'Tom is an incredibly talented young man, but he's yet to achieve his full potential and it's only going to get harder to achieve that Olympic gold medal as he gets older.
'You can rest assured the next Chinese diving superstar will not have such distractions from training.
Jamie Cunningham
'He should look at the example of skaters Torvill and Dean who waited until the end of their competitive careers before doing such programmes. I'm concerned Tom is putting the cart before the horse and I've expressed those concerns to his agent.' (Tom's agent is Jamie Cunningham - see above)

Agent Jamie Cunningham said: 'Whatever people think about the show, Tom has come across incredibly well. We would only agree to such an undertaking at a quiet time of the year.

British Diving performance director Alexei Evangulov had warned last February that Daley faced missing out on an Olympic gold medal unless he reduced his media and sponsorship work.
He said: 'If I had power over this, I would restrict it. If you look at the Chinese, they work three times harder. That's the only secret. Just work hard.'

Andy Banks, the long-term coach of Olympic bronze medallist Tom Daley, fears the teenage diver could walk away from the sport if he continues to receive “grief” from critics of his media commitments.

Debbie Daley

Tom Daley's mum has now got in on the act.
Apparently Tom is still a 'baby', and needs his 'mum' to come to the rescue - no wonder he was bullied at school.

Debbie on  'planet Daley'
"I find it incredible that you want to criticise him so publicly, when he does so much for your organisation and for sport in the UK.
As far as I'm aware, Tom was one of the few major success stories for British Swimming this summer... and possibly one of the athletes that helped you retain your job.
Others say that your performance was the worst of any CEO in British sport. Surely you should be thanking Tom and showing your support and gratitude ?"

This woman obviously lives on another planet - 'planet Daley'.
While she is entitled to her opinion, all the evidence (Book launch, Adidas Adverts and Videos, Photo Shoots etc) adds up to Tom 'taking his eye off the ball' in the run-up to the recent Olympic Games.
Tom, by listening to his financial advisers at 'Professional Sports Group', (headed by Jamie Cunningham), rather than his coaches and the officials at team GB, failed to win a Gold Medal at the 2012 Games - (he only came a lame third).
He had the ability to win Gold, if he had concentrated on his training, rather than his media and advertising interests.
It is possible that by 2014 he will have passed his physical peak, and will not be able to win a Gold medal.
He will then have the rest of his life to regret his foolish selfishness in 2012.
There is nothing to thank Tom Daley for, and no one owes him any gratitude.
His lust for money, fame and celebrity has done a great disservice to British Sport, and Debbie Daley should know better that to publish such a self-opinionated, self-serving and disrespectful letter.