Tom Daley - 'My Story'


'Courage is the thing.
All goes if courage goes.'
                                                                 J M Barrie
(quote from Tom Daley's  'My story')

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Penguin Books   - Synopsis

Enter the enthralling world of Olympian Tom Daley.

Tom had hearts in mouths when he dived at the 2010 Commonwealth Games, where he won two gold medals.
He is one of Britain's gleaming hopes for gold at the London 2012 Olympics, but there is also a heartbreaking and inspiring story of a young athlete coping with the death of his father whilst under the glare of the world's media spotlight.

In this, Tom's first official memoir, he offers unprecedented access to the pressures, challenges and fascinating experiences of a world-class Olympian.
From his day-to-day schedule, to his hobbies and family life, to sharing his hopes and dreams in the build up to the London Olympics, this book offers a unique chance to get close to Tom.
Featuring exclusive photography and published simultaneously as a hardback and enhanced e-book, this will be the ultimate book for the 2012 Olympics.

Or so Penguin Books would tell us - however...

Interestingly, this first book by the young British diver Tom Daley, started out priced at £16:99, and within a week or so had plummeted to £7:46 (a drop of 54%).
How long will we have to wait before they are giving the book away ?

(if you want to buy a copy at the full price go to,,9780718158071,00.html,
or get the lower price at
as at 30the June 2012)

A typical comment posted on the internet regarding Tom's autobiography -
posted by Jazzy242
'He is beautiful. but his autobiography will be, - I went diving , I was good at diving, I continued diving, I got even better, I went to the Olympics, I'm still really good at diving.'

Although the photos are good - the text could be a little more interesting - and a little more revealing.
Apparently Georgina Rodgers, Jonnathan Harris and Dan Bunyard (editor) all had a hand in producing the final text.
It is difficult to judge if the text has been deliberately 'dumbed-down' - possibly in consideration of the projected readership - or if Tom really writes in the style we find throughout the book.
Unfortunately, as it is presented, it gives every indication of being an elaborately extended version of a school essay, possibly entitled 'What I did on my holidays' - but in this case, 'What I did in my life'.

Debbie and Robert Daley
While it is his story - it's odd that we learn nothing about his parents before he was born - how they met - although we do get a nice wedding photo.
But we don't really find out about how Tom coped with growing up - what life was like for him as a young boy.
And nothing is put in context.

Plymouth - Devon - England
It's as if Plymouth existed in a void, and all the significant events occurring in the world just bypassed the Daley family.
No mention is made of significant events in the outside world (that is the world outside the Daley family, Plymouth and the international diving circuit).
No mention is made of political events, war, the economy, cultural and technological developments etc.
Now while these things would not impinge on a very young lad, they must have some significance for a teenager (and Tom has been a teenager for a significant number of years).
We are told nothing of Tom's views about politics, the 'state of the world', global warming, the economy, the arts and much else.
We are told about Tom's musical taste - by way of a 'play list' - and its all very bland and predictable.
And who 'dresses' Tom now ?
As for fashion we find out that he initially bought his cloths from 'Next' - quite normal and reasonable for a handsome teenage boy - and then there is a significant slip.

He states that 'later Burberry started dressing me' - note the word 'dressing'.
Now what ordinary teenager would say that ?
Perhaps, 'I get my clothes from Burberry', or,'I buy my clothes from Burberry'.
But of course Burberry is supplying him with 'freebies' - and Tom is already talking like an 'A List' celebrity, and not the cute 'boy next door', which is an image that the remainder of the book, and most of Tom's publicity  tries to project.
Incidentally, Burberry casual shirts start at £195 - and what 18 year old can afford that - apart from Mr Daley !

David Hockney

There is another significant slip.
While practically no mention is made of anything of cultural significance, so that we seem to be aimlessly wandering through a world of diving competitions, Coca-Cola and Big Macs, there is suddenly a reference to the artist David Hockney.
So is Tom a little deeper than he is letting on ?

 Olympia '36
Tom Daley diving
And yes - there is a lot in the book about diving (incidentally, diving only became popular after the release of Leni Riefenstahl's documentary depicting the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games) - and much of it is rather technical - but how many people are interested in Tom because of his expertise as a 10 meter board Olympic diver.
Most people are interested in Tom because he's cute - or at least he was cute. Now he's just 'sexy - and he know's it'.

I you check the Google searches about Tom they are not about the scores for his latest dives.
Ninety percent of Google searches for Tom are 'Tom Daley Bulge', or 'Tom Daley Speedos', along with a good smattering of 'Tom Daley Penis', and 'Tom Daley Nude'.

Tom Daley - Adidas
Now Tom, despite being abnormally reticent about talking or writing about sex, hasn't been backward in 'cashing in' on his obvious sexual allure - even when he was quite young.
So why doesn't Tom, in this 'first official memoir', tell us the real reason why he nearly always wears Speedos that are two sizes too small for him - unless he is posing for Adidas, when they are always generously cut - (presumably Adidas are more prudish than Speedo).
(And of course Tom does well from Adidas by fronting their 'Ice Dive' range of male grooming products - gracing their advertisements with his usual 'outstretched arms' pose, with the obligatory Union Flag, in generously cut - but still very brief - Adidas trunks. I wonder if Tom actually uses the stuff)

Adidas Ice Dive Deoderant, rather like Tom's autobiography 'My Story' is now (July 2012 - Olympic Month) retailing at 50% of its original price.
This probably indicates that Professional Sports Group has been over estimating Tom's popularity and selling power.
With regard to the Adidas grooming range, they seem not to have realised that the majority of Tom's followers (gay men and pubescent teenage girls) do not use such products.
Gay men use 'up market', 'designer' products, while teenage girls do NOT use male grooming aids !).
This raises the question of just how professional are the Professional Sports Group, and their CEO. Jamie Cunningham ?
Maybe Adidas has wasted a lot of money on their rather 'creaky', self concious video ads - see below.

So - if you want to be a great athlete, have a great body, and be seriously rich and famous - just splash on some Adidas !

First look at Adidas 2012 Olympic Games Team GB 'Speedos'

Not very flattering - white at rear makes Tom's backside look big, and the silly little white triangle at the front ruins the shape of Tom's infamous 'bulge'.
(click to enlarge images)

 Adidas 2012 Olympic Games Advert

Tom Daley and Tonia Couch
supposedly posing in a photo-booth - note the Union Jack
Adidas 2012 Olympic Games Advert

Yes - it is Tom, but it's really amazing what Photoshop can do for your cheek-bones ! 
Tonia is Tom's girl friend. That's not 'girl-friend' as in romantic relationship, but rather girl friend as a 'mate'.
Tom and Tonia are mates because Tom, it seems, hasn't got a boy who's a 'mate' - which is strange, because boys of his age nearly always have a mate - unless they are 'gay' in which case, paradoxically, they go around with girls - 'makes you think, don't it' - as Stewie would say.

Wrapping himself in the Union Jack !
(actually the Union Flag - a jack is square)
Tom is obsessed with the Union Jack - Union Jack memorabilia clutters his window-sill, he sleeps under a Union Jack duvet, with Union Jack pillows - and of course his Adidas cosmetic range has Union Jacks emblazoned on it, along with the Union Jack cover of his autobiography.
Now there's nothing wrong with patriotism, - even the BNP has hijacked the Union Flag - but it does make you wonder ...

Tom Daley - tiny Speedos
Equally, it is likely that most readers would be very eager to know why Tom suddenly decided to stop removing his body hair.
(Some have speculated that 'his people' advised him to do this to help dampen down the endless rumours on the internet that he was 'gay'.)
Cheryl Cole

Incidentally, much of the hype that Tom gives out about 'fancying' Cheryl Cole is designed to play down the 'gay' rumours - after all she is 29 and he is 18 so it would seem to be an unlikely 'coupling'.

"I've fancied her since The X Factor. She is just so sexy and my type...Our date would definitely be in Plymouth and I would take her for a hot-air balloon ride that ended with a BBQ on the beach in the sunset. It's not very glamorous, but I think she might like a change." - can you believe that ?

Tom Daley and his Monkee
And the speculation that Tom is 'gay' is not without foundation.
While, on meeting him,  he is a somewhat disconcertingly pleasant and amenable, he is also strangely androgynous and 'fey' - not in his appearance - but in his manner.
And then there's the question of an eighteen year old boy having a 'lucky' monkee !

But enough has been said about Tom's oddly undefined sexuality - there are other matters.

Jamie Cunningham
CEO Professional Sports Group
Tom refers to his 'agents' at Professional Sports Group  - Michela Chiappa, Charlotte Hallam and Jamie Cunningham - who 'organise his life' and help everything 'move forward'.
It would be interesting to know who these people are, and what is in it - financially - for them.
Equally, it would be interesting to know just how much of what Tom says, does and even writes originates with him - in other words - what degree of autonomy does he have.
It seems obvious that his 'agents' are very well aware that if Tom is not successful at the Olympics then public interest is likely to decline markedly - and it is undoubtedly for that reason that his 'first official memoir', plus the recent 'Fabulous Magazine' photo-shoot were timed to occur prior to Tom's appearance at the Games.

Tom Daley -
with body hair and muscles
Young Tom Daley
a practically naked
under-age boy.
One of the oddest things about the Tom Daley phenomena when he was young was the way it was made acceptable for the general public to 'ogle' a practically naked under-age boy.
In any other situation such activity would be immediately associated with paedophilia but, because Tom was a cute diver, it was apparently ok.
Google any other young diver and there are very few results.
Google Tom Daley and there are pages and pages of results.

Agreed he is a remarkably talented and successful diver, but if one is honest it is obvious that the muscles, the face and the tiny speedos are the reason why he is so popular.

Tom Daley
the photo shoot for Fabulous Magazine

Tom Dalet
threatening, aggressive
And now that as he has 'come of age' the new image of Thomas Daley is blatantly sexual ('Fabulous Magazine' photo-shoot), although, strangely, not so revealing (less flesh on display).
However, the sexuality that Tom now displays is no longer the cute, smiling and unthreatening young boy.

There is, however, another side to Tom which is rarely shown.
Like all of us, he is not always charming, cute and amenable - there is a darker side to him - and not just the darker side evident in the Fabulous Magazine photo-shoot.
We don't know what brought on the gesture on the left - perhaps it was just a signalled order for 'Fab Lollies' after the competition.
The other, a glance over the shoulder, (see right) is enough to freeze the blood in the veins.
If you don't know what a 'Fab Lollie' is - well here's one. Tom Tweets a lot about these appalling examples of the confectioner's 'art' and pretends he's 'addicted' to them - but, with a 'six-pack' like Tom's that's very unlikely. - Probably just another example of 'viral advertising' for Nestle.
Of course Sigi (Sigmund Freud to you) would say they're 'phallic' - but we think that they'd be too cold !

Daniel Radcliffe - Nude
Now, it seems, Tom's 'mentors' at Professional Sports Group require Tom to project a strangely threatening sexuality, which is almost aggressive and, in many ways, orientated to the adult, 'gay' audience.

And one can reasonably speculate that it is only a matter of time before Tom is required to do a 'Harry Potter' and, like Daniel Radcliffe, pose nude - if the money is right.

And what does Tom feel about all of this ?
The book does not tell us, in fact, apart from a harrowing account of the death of his father (complete with some questionable, and possibly inappropriate, photos of Robert Daley during his final illness), it tells us very little about the personality of this young man.

A rare photo of Tom Daley Training
And what about Tom's training and diet.
There are plenty of reference to Tom's predilection for 'junk food', but nothing is said about the vitamins, amino acids and other supplements that are required to maintain his obvious level of fitness.
We are told nothing about the secrets behind his superb physique.
In all the endless information about diving competitions, training and preparation, there is no mention of how Tom trains in the gym - and no one develops a perfectly toned and muscled body like Tom Daley without arduous resistance training - so why is it kept so 'hush-hush' ?

And perhaps the least appealing aspect of the memoir is the section about Blake Aldridge at Bejing - an episode neither forgotten nor forgiven.

And by how much does Tom benefit from all this publicity that his 'agents' so carefully 'organise' for him ?

So in the end Tom's first memoir answers very few of the many of the questions that so many of us are asking about this 'diving superstar', who is now turning into a 'celebrity', and a 'pin up boy' for the 'gay' community.

and I wonder how much my signed copy is worth now ?


'My Story'
Tom Daley's Autobiography
'My Story' Book Launch
As publicity stunts go, the launch of Olympic diving hopeful Tom Daley’s autobiography will hardly go down as the most subtle of affairs.
In a crowded 'Waterstones' book-store in London’s Piccadilly, a miniature diving board was erected 2ft off the ground on which the teenage 'pin-up' posed wearing only a pair of Adidas swimming trunks so minuscule that the fact they stayed on seemed to defy most of the laws of science.
It was, it goes without saying, a display designed to make a splash - if a somewhat tacky splash.
And certainly, the 18-year-old diver is a marketing man’s dream.
His tanned, boy-band good looks and Colgate smile have made him the official dreamboat of 'Team GB', and won him an adoring legion of fans.

By way of gauging his popularity, almost 290,000 followers regularly log on to read the often hourly Tweets their heart-throb posts about his life on his official Twitter page (how can he be bothered to Tweet hourly ?).
Such hero worship is, of course, manna from heaven for the Abu Dhabi based businessmen who control the money-spinning career of clean-cut Tom, who is one of our genuine hopes for gold at London 2012.
But out of the swimming pool, other major opportunities are in the offing, including an upcoming BBC TV show, not to mention his plans to start a career as a presenter.

Jamie Cunningham
and the Abu Dhabi based businessmen
Jamie Cunningham
CEO Professional Sports Group
Tom is good at everything he does,’ his manager Jamie Cunningham told me. ‘He’s the best he can be — that’s his mindset. Everyone who works with him or interviews him says “God, he’s so good” because he isThere are certain top sports people who are also major media stars and perform to the best of their ability. Tom’s profile is high. There’s a lot of interest.’ - Well he would say that !
No wonder the tills of 'Brand Daley' are already ringing.
His ‘life story’, released to coincide with his 18th birthday, is said to have netted him a £300,000 advance.

Tom Daley
advertising for Nestle
A 'present' for Tom
Meanwhile, his handlers are confidently preparing for their young Plymouth-born charge to earn another £500,000 in the coming months through sponsorship deals with the likes of BMW, Adidas (see above) and Nestle, as well as highly lucrative personal appearance fees.
It is all the sort of fuss you might expect if he had actually won the Olympic gold. But, then, his image-makers are hardly going to turn up the chance to exploit his ever-growing popularity.
Of course there's always the chance he doesn't win gold - so why not 'cash in' while the going's good.
Team GB
2012 London Olympic Games
However, even as the cash begins to roll in, there are already concerns that the money men — who are fast turning the immensely likeable Tom into one of the country’s most profitable young sports stars — may be putting at risk his chances of glory at the Games, and it has already caused a bitter row with the youngster’s bosses at Team GB.
Abu Dhabi
Coat of Arms
Meanwhile, Tom’s touchy managers at the Professional Sports Group, who are based in the Gulf state, have become so sensitive to claims of 'cashing in' that they have attempted to ban the media from questioning the diver about his well-paid sidelines.
Others who are raking in big money from (not for) the teenager have taken a distinctly cloak-and-dagger approach to inquiries about how much his outside work interests may be affecting his training.
When asked how many personal appearances they have lined up for him in the coming weeks, the chilly response was - 
We do not discuss them. They are closed corporate events and not advertised.’ With that the phone was slammed down.
Why all the secrecy ? - Could it be something to do with the simmering row between those pulling the strings of Tom’s business affairs and his worried bosses at Team GB?
Significantly, following a string of poor performances, the situation became so explosive that the British team’s diving performance director went public with his damning verdict that Tom — who started diving aged seven — is risking throwing away his lifelong ambition of winning gold in pursuit of money and fame.

Anna Kournikova
Alexei Evangulov
To emphasise the point, Alexei Evangulov, a Russian former Olympic diver, compared Daley to Anna Kournikova, the tennis player who has become more famous for her blonde good looks and pop star boyfriend, Enrique Inglesias, than for her prowess on the court.
Daley’s boss also scathingly pointed out that the Chinese diver, Qui Bo, who is above Daley in the world rankings and favourite for Olympic gold in the 10m platform event, had been training three times harder than his British rival.
I am angry because nobody will listen to me,’ a furious Evangulov said at the time. ‘If Tom stopped all his media work now, I might be able to get him up to the third-best diver. I don’t mind what he does if he gets the medal. He can become a rock star.’

David Sparkes
His dire warning was echoed by David Sparkes, the chief executive of British Swimming, who sent out his own plea for the teenager to ‘knuckle down’.

Matthew Mitcham
He doesn’t want to regret for ever that he didn’t give it everything that he had,’ said a clearly exasperated Sparkes.
‘It’s impossible to win medals just on talent alone, you have got to work hard.’
Even one of Daley’s competitors for 2012 gold, Australian Olympic champion Matthew Mitcham, broke ranks earlier this year to accuse the youngster of trying to ‘have his cake and eat it’.
The row has led to a public war of words between Tom and his management team at the Professional Sports Group on one side, and the sport’s hierarchy on the other, and Tom’s manager Jamie Cunningham bizarrely attempted to blame the dispute on the fact English is not Evangulov’s first language.
It was a storm in a teacup,’ he said.
Suffice to say, it is not the way they see it at Team GB.
Funeral of Robert Daley
A likely explanation for Tom going after the cash seems to centre round the loss of his father, and Tom, for quite understandable reasons, feels he must provide financially for his receptionist mother Debbie and younger brothers Will, 15, and 12-year-old Ben.

Tom Daley and Debbie Daley
In his newly published book, 'My Story' (see above), he reveals: ‘Now, I feel really responsible towards my mum and I want to look after everyone - I feel it’s my job to make sure we have enough money, and I have to keep diving for that.’
And he certainly cannot be blamed, of course, if publishers Penguin are prepared to throw six-figure sums at him to write his memoirs — even if he was the ridiculously tender age of just 16 when the deal was signed.
But inevitably, his growing public profile and media commitments have steadily been taking up more and more of his time away from the pool.
Recfently the highly personable Tom once again on the book-signing circuit in London and his home town, Plymouth, where he and his family live in a modest, but smart semi.
The previous week, he was doing the rounds of the TV sofas and radio stations.

Tom Daley and Chris Moyles
Tom Daley - ITV This Morning
He spent his birthday being interviewed first by TV presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on ITV’s This Morning, and later appeared on the BBC’s One Show.
He was also booked on Radio 1’s Chris Moyles Show.

Tom Daley Photo-Shoot
Fabulous Magazine
And then there was a rather tacky photographs of him in a wet T-shirt in Fabulous magazine.
The accompanying headline said: ‘Sexy and we know it ! Woah ! We blinked when Tom Daley just totally grew up. So how’s the Olympian enjoying his new heart-throb status ? He’s lapping it up ?.?.?.
Tom Daley Photo-Shoot
Fabulous Magazine
And that’s not the only magazine cover he’s graced recently, having appeared on the front of Style a fortnight ago in a white shirt pulled open to the waist.
On the inside pages, he took his latest step in emulating David Beckham’s crossover from sport to fashion, modelling among other outfits a £1,200 Prada blazer and £210 Gucci sunglasses in a glossy magazine photo-shoot - items he gets to keep after the 'shoot' of course.
He has also appears in the celebrity magazine Heat, in which the ‘dishy Olympic diver’ is pictured reclining on a red sofa by the sea wearing only swimming trunks (yet again).
He’s also been promoting his new smart phone app, 'Tom Daley Dive 2012', which lets gamers — for a fee — control an animated version of him on a high diving board.

Tom Daley
Advertising for Adidas
He also has his own on-line 'TV station', which highlights money-making tie-ins with Adidas — which sponsors his trunks and makes his own brand of body wash, deodorant and aftershave called Ice Dive (see abobe) — and BMW, which gave him a sporty black and white Mini for his 18th birthday.
Clearly, Tom isn’t averse to the limelight.
In 2011 he also did a shoot with the supermodel Kate Moss for Italian Vogue.
Blake Aldridge
But you have to wonder just how the sixth-former at the private Plymouth College — who became a household name at the age of just 14 when he and partner Blake Aldridge came eighth in the 10m synchro event at the Beijing Olympics — manages to fit in his training into his hectic schedule.
I am told his most recent fashion spread — which saw him shirtless with a brunette model draped seductively over him — was photographed at the end of April 2012, the day after yet another photo-shoot for Adidas.
They were sandwiched between two major diving championships.
In the meantime, he was being followed around by a BBC TV crew for the fly-on-the-wall documentary about his life, which as aired just before the start of the Olympics.

Tonia Couch
He is also fast displaying an enviable head for business, which sees him drop in not-so-subtle plugs for his sponsors, alongside the constant Tweets about his alcohol-free nights out with school friends or pretty blonde 23-year-old Tonia Couch, his fellow Team GB diver (despite rumours they are an item, he denies they are dating - and it's true - she's a 'mate' - like most of his 'girly mates').

I'm Sexy and I Know It'
Youtube Video
Earlier in 2012 the sporting prodigy — who was once a victim of classroom bullies at his former Devon state school — starred with Team GB team-mates in a lip-synching spoof video of electro-pop hit 'Sexy And I Know It', which has had close to a million hits on YouTube.
That said, the rollicking he received from his Olympic bosses seems to have been the wake-up call he and his business advisers needed.
In the weeks since the row went public, there was been a marked turnaround in his form.

Tom Daley
European Championships in Holland  
Daley won gold at the European Championships in Holland after coming first at the World Series in the 10m platform event, in Mexico in April (though, significantly, world number one Qui Bo did not compete).
His 'team' said he is in ‘lockdown mode', (a new 'buzz phrase') meaning that he is devoting all his time to preparing for the Games.
The British diver’s manager has said that Tom had turned down a major TV advert in order to devote time to training, which sees him spend four hours in the pool, six days a week.
Nonetheless, plans are already well under-way to boost his image — and earning potential — still further.
Tom is 18 and he has more control over what he’s going to do from now on. It is something he is very involved with because he is a bright human being,’ Jamie Cunningham has said.
Let’s just hope that the milking of ‘Brand Daley’ doesn’t rob this talented young lad of his chance of winning gold.


Tom Daley has insisted that he is no different from anybody else of his age.
Tom has revealed that the success he has enjoyed so far has not changed him as a person.
"Last night I actually baby-sat and dog-sat for a couple of my neighbours," he has said. "I'm just a normal person, I do what everyone else does.
I go to the shops and go in town, just whatever really. It's just general downtime."
(Now who do you know who talks about 'down time')

So - either Tom is fooling himself, and maybe really believes this (unlikely), or he is, like a naive teenager, trying to fool us.
After all, do people give you watches (£2500), gold jewellery, cars (£50,000 odd), clothes and probably crates of Adidas deodorant etc - just for being who we are ?

For example - Keith White has chosen to give Tom Daley the 'Omega Seamaster Diver 300' watch, worth £2500.00, and as worn by James Bond - (good product placement) in recognition of his outstanding achievement in the recent World Championships held in Rome, where Tom made history by claiming Britain’s first ever world championship individual diving gold medal.

Keith also presented Tom’s team mates Tonia Couch and Brooke Graddon with stunning Gucci bracelets, and the trio’s coach Andy Banks with a Mont Blanc pen.
The gifts came a short time after Tom’s achievements in the Beijing Olympics, where he finished 8th in the world, after which Mr White designed and made a solid gold Olympic signet ring for Tom (see right) to mark the occasion.
Very nice, but isn't a little suspect for an adult man to give a teenage boy a gold ring, with all the possible implications that such a gift involves. And you would have thought that Robert Daley (Tom's father - who was still alive at the time) would have vetoed such a gift, particularly as Tom was under eighteen - after all, there are those rumours.

The matter of sponsorship has become so blatant that Tom has received warning about his abuse of his Twitter account.

Tom has deals with Mini, Nestle and Adidas, and mentioned the sportswear firm eight times in a month on his Twitter account in tweets and retweets.
He also tweeted a picture of his Mini with the words: ‘My amazing parallel park into the smallest space ever!!!

But like Tom says, they are 'just normal people !'


Tom Daley & The Media: A Statement by Jamie Cunningham, CEO Professional Sports Group
February 15, 2012

“Diving, family and school have always been the priority for Tom. This is 90% of his life. As an elite 17 year old athlete, this was agreed between Tom, his family and British Diving. The rest of his life falls into the remaining 10%. A small percentage of this is corporate and media work.
We have always worked closely with British Diving - including Alexei Evangulov and Tom’s coach Andy Banks - to ensure that any media work takes place around diving, family and school. We also work closely with the media to ensure that over 70% of his interviews and appearances take place in Plymouth - not London.
The media interest in Tom is hardly surprising given his age, his sport, his success to date and the fact that it is a London Olympics. The comparisons with China may be relevant from a sporting perspective, but are less valid from a cultural and human one.  We turn down over 95% of media and commercial approaches for Tom. We only work with a small team of sponsors - namely Adidas, BMW, Nestle and Penguin - and ensure that any media is either necessary or – very occasionally - fun, given Tom’s interest and studies in both photography and media. When Tom does any media work, it is usually high profile because of public interest, his character and the fact that we do not provide regular media access to Tom.
Tom has been working incredibly hard this Winter on his training. The good news is that he has managed to finish most of his A-level work early (completing his Photography A-Level with an A* in one year) and there is now limited school work until after the Games.
We fully agree that British public expectation is too high around Tom. Qui Bo from China is very much the Gold medal favourite. In tennis terms, he is Novak Djokovic, the man to beat following an unbeaten 2011. Qui Bo may yet become the greatest diver of all time. However we are all very focused on ensuring that Tom has every chance for success in London this Summer and we are confident that the plan which was agreed with British Diving, Tom’s sponsors and the media in late July 2011, following a difficult first half of 2011 for obvious reasons, is 100% on track. We look forward to continuing to work with Alexei, Andy and all the team at British Diving on this plan.”

Jamie Cunningham, CEO Professional Sports Group


Below is a statement made by Tom Daley (but almost certainly not written by him) regarding his media commitments prior to the 2012 London Olympic Games

"I would like to publicly thank my sponsors Adidas, BMW, Nestle and Penguin. For the record, when we signed each partnership, they all very kindly agreed to ensure the majority of work involving my time was used in 2011 or post-Games," the statement continued.
"I haven't done any personal sponsor appearances yet in 2012 and I have three blocked pre-Games - all of which are approved by Alexei and take place at appropriate times.
"They do not impact my training. Ad hoc media interviews take place over the phone or in Plymouth. They are rare. The rest of my media work is for British Swimming, for whom I have also done one appearance this year.
"I am featured in some commercial marketing campaigns and in the media in the coming months. I just want to re-emphasise that I will not be personally involved. I will be training or taking part in elite competitions overseas.
"This strategy has not changed. The campaigns were all structured for a minimum of my time. Most of the photo-shoots happened in Plymouth last year.
"Finally, I would also like to publicly thank Plymouth College for their support in helping me fast-track my A-levels and allowing me to defer the final few modules so that I can focus on my sport in the final six months.
"I know that I can perform when it matters and I am doing everything in my power to ensure I have the best chance of success. This is my priority.
"I am going to continue to learn and work hard and I am fully committed to being the best diver I can be. My dad always taught me to do my best. I can't control what other people do. I can just focus on my own performance, with the support and advice of my coaching team.
"That alone will determine if I deserve a medal. That alone will determine the result.
"I have always enjoyed my relationship with the media. However, I would ask you to respect that I am not going to answer any more questions on this subject as for me it is now closed."

Tom Daley



Tom Daley managed to win an Olympic Bronze Medal in the 10 Meter Platform Diving at the Aquatic Centre in London - 11th August 2012

Before the contest Tom said he would probably only win Bronze - and he was right !
Now is that really the attitude to go for when competing in an Olympic event - but then I suppose he wanted to let his fans down gently.

So why didn't Tom win Gold ?
To answer that, of course, if you want to be honest, you have to risk the police breaking down your front door - but we'll take the risk.

There are undoubtedly at least 5 reasons for Tom's failure to win the Gold medal that he should have won.

1 - He has experienced a growth spurt recently. This affects the brain's ability to judge accurately where it is in space, because the body's centre of gravity has altered. This may have been exacerbated by his recent weight loss.
2 - Poor coaching. The poor showing in both synchro and solo events point to the fact that there is a deficiency in the coaching regime.
3 - Tom's underestimation of the Chinese divers - suggesting that they were 'robots' and would 'break under pressure' - resulting in him not training sufficiently rigorously.
4 - The failure of  David Sparkes and Alexei Evangulov to bring Tom into line early enough when he was obviously spending too much time on non-diving commitments, which were being organised by Jamie Cunningham of Professional Sports Group.
5 - The initial contractual commitment to Professional Sports Group made by Tom's parents.

Jamie Cunningham has a lot to answer for in taking Tom's eye 'off the ball' in the run up to the Olympic Games.
Tom may have ended up with plenty of gold in the bank - thanks to Jamie - but he failed to get gold round his neck.

Tom Daley Celebrates his Third Place in the 10 Meter Diving

Tom Daley and the GB Diving Team Celebrate(?) in the Pool

This is the oddest aspect of the Final of the Olympic 10 meter Diving Contest.
The whole diving team, and the coaches, invaded the pool to perform an over the top celebration - presumably of Tom coming third (when he should have won gold).
It was noticeable that the Americans and Chinese, who had won Gold and Silver, did not make a splash, but behaved in a polite and respectful manner, as one would expect of professional athletes.
Tom, afterwards, said it was an "awesome moment" (awesome is 'prep-speak' for excellent or very good), and that his colleagues had planned the stunt in advance.
He said that everybody was just so overjoyed at his achievement - as we "don't normally get a medal" in the diving.
It also meant that the team had secured funding for the next Olympics.
Significantly Tom said, 'the bronze felt like a gold' - and that comment probably slipped out, as it seems that was the motivation behind the post-contest hype.
If British diving - and more importantly 'Brand Daley' are to prosper then, by using 'smoke and mirrors' the bronze must seem to be gold - and one suspects the distant hand of Jamie Cunningham's behind the supposedly spontaneous celebration in the pool.
However, the bronze was in no way a media coup for Tom, or Professional Sports Group, as Tom's poor result failed to reach the front pages of the following morning's papers.
Looked at objectively, the results of the GB Diving team were very poor, and one would hope that those responsible for the organisation and training of British divers would consider their positions very carefully, and hopefully take the honourable course of action.
Perhaps we should take a lesson from the real Olympic Games.
For the ancient Greeks there was no particular honour in taking part - the only honour was in winning, which for them meant coming first !



Diver Tom Daley's 'Stolen our Pool' 

PARENTS are furious with a council for leasing a swimming pool for five weekends to the latest TV reality contest 'Splash !'
They say their children will lose confidence while the pool is closed for instructors to train celebrities to dive under the watchful eye of Olympic sensation Tom Daley.
In addition, angry members of the £26 million Inspire Luton Centre, who pay £36 a month to enjoy the Olympic-sized 50 metre pool with 10 metre diving boards, have complained on Facebook.


Tom Daley 'checks out' Anthony Ogogo
Anthony Ogogo - Gold Speedos
'Numerous variations of this screen-grab from 'Splash !' were pinged around the virtual world.
It's our Tom with Olympic boxer Anthony Ogogo.
"Are you thinking what we are thinking?" 
While some might think it amusing - it's also rather sad.
Tom sexuality is up for debate - and we  know nothing for sure, except he's clearly 'screaming'.
I wonder if he even knows himself?
And perhaps one should worry about Tom, now he's become a Saturday 'teatime' TV 'superstar' and is regularly 'exposing himself' - meaning just by being himself - he'll just be the subject of ever more scrutiny and speculation - check Twitter for endless comments just on how he walks and talks.
Such is the power of social media this chatter will inevitably transfer into the papers.
This is the modern world; a virtual world where being 'in the closet' is now virtually impossible. 
And PR feeds and 'paparazzi shots' to the press about his possible "girlfriends" will ultimately only make it worse. 
It's already seeping in, slow as sludge - for now.
And who do you think writes the 'celeb mags' and tabloid gossip pages? 
It's gay guys, who think that being 'gay' is almost boringly normal - and that now it's being 'in the closet' that's a little 'queer' - or should we say odd.  
And meanwhile the poor boy could be dying inside, silently 'screaming'.'



I think if I hear the word legacy again I might go crazy !

The last time there was an Olympic Games in London in 1948 there was no talk of legacy.
That was the 'austerity games'. The Second World War had just ended and there was no money for anything - and yet Britain put on a good show.
Male athletes at the games were given a packed lunch of sandwiches and an apple, (and a pair of y-fronts (?) - not much compared to the hundreds of thousands that athletes make today (Tom - I hope that your reading this).
And remember - the people at that time had lost family members, homes, careers and almost everything - but didn't 'bleat on' about it - but instead got on with a great games !
But there was a legacy - even if no one spoke of it.

I went to school in the '50s and '60s. After junior school I went to a boy's school.

In both schools sport was pivotal. There were regular PE (Physical Education) lessons, and regular Games lessons - football or rugby in winter and field events in summer, and once every week there was swimming (right up to the age of 16 years - see right).
There were regular football and rugby matches between local schools, and an annual school swimming gala at the end of each summer term.
And once a year there was a borough sports (see left) in which all the schools in the borough competed against one another.

At my boy's school the boys idolised the PE/Games masters (Mr Evans and Mr Russell), and they in turn bought out the best in sporting an athletic abilities in their charges.
Now I train for three hours a day, (gym and pool) for seven days a week (Compare Tom Daley - six hours a week, for six days a week) - but that is not part of a 'legacy' - that's just normal - but not for people now.
My generation became, on average, obese an unhealthy (but not as obese and unhealthy of the upcoming generation).
What went wrong ?
Well, the intervening years complacency and affluence, and the rise of sedentary entertainment and occupations ruined the later generations.
And a bit of 'legacy' will not cure this problem.
Olympians are few and far between - but good health and fitness should be the birthright of all - but will only be achieved by a total overhaul of the values of our society.
At present we are too full of self-congratulation over the recent Games.
We will see if that 'good feeling' can be transformed into a youthful, happy and healthy society.


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